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Range Of Services

As a law firm, we provide full spectrum of professional services to our clients. Our range of services includes but not limited to the following:

  1. Preparation of briefs and representing our clients in various courts in Nigeria
  2. Preparation and perfection of legal documents such as Deed of Assignments, Deed of Legal Mortgages, Debentures, Tenancy Agreements, Lease Agreements, Property and Equipment Lease Agreements and so on
  3. Obtaining Certificate of Statutory Right of Occupancy and Customary Right of Occupancy at various Land Registries and Local Governments respectively
  4. Registration of Companies and updating their records at the Corporate Affairs Commission
  5. Conducting Corporate and Land searches at the Corporate Affairs Commission and Land registries respectively
  6. Conducting physical search on properties
  7. Conducting Probate Searches at the High Courts of Justice and Ministries of Justice
  8. Obtaining Letters of Administration
  9. Preparation of Wills
  10. Conducting Legal Due diligence in preparation for merges and acquisition
  11. Loan Recovery for financial and non-financial institutions
  12. Attending companies’ meetings as Company Secretary and taking minutes at their Board and Annual General Meetings
  13. Rendering Immigration Advice and Immigration related matters
  14. Giving Professional Legal advice to individuals and corporate clients.

As an important aspect of our effective client services objective is the provision of timely progress report to our client which will cover matters and areas considered important to our clients. These matters together with our recommendations would normally be discussed with the appropriate level of client’s personnel in order to ensure that our recommendations achieve the desired objectives