Mergers and Acquisitions

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Part II.A.3- Mergers and Acquisitions
A significant aspect of our corporate and commercial practice deals with the provision of legal advice to client in a variety of industry sectors who wish to embark on a merger or an acquisition. We possess the legal expertise to create innovative solutions to a wide range of problems that relate to mergers and acquisitions which may arise in the course of complex corporate transactions such as these.
a) Restructurings
b) Management buy-outs and buy-in and
c) Joint venture, amongst other transactions both private and public
In representing our clients in the area of mergers and acquisitions, we provide the following specialized services such as:
a) Conduct legal due diligence and risk assessment
b) Obtain relevant regulatory approvals where required
c) Advise on bid strategies for partial or full acquisition of assets as well as entities
d) Transaction structuring and re-structuring
e) Prepare and advise on such documents as sale and purchase agreement as well as shareholders agreements
f) Negotiate deals and
g) Advise on tax as well as employment laws.