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Part II.A.2- Capital market

We provide professional legal services to both public and private companies that intend to issue common stocks or share to the public in a bid to acquire capital needs for expansion or to be listed as public companies (in the case of private companies).

We also engage in the following specialized services:

  • Provide a variety of annual meeting services
  • Keep records of shareholders and their stock positions
  • Provide necessary legal representation in the transfer and stocks
  • Provide variety of reports on shareholders and stock activities
  • Facilitate mailings to the shareholders
  • Provide necessary legal information about the prospectus of a company and
  • Perform a number of other related services.

Part II.A.3- Mergers and Acquisitions

A significant aspect of our corporate and commercial practice deals with the provision of legal advice to client in a variety of industry sectors who wish to embark on a merger or an acquisition. We possess the legal expertise to create innovative solutions to a wide range of problems that relate to mergers and acquisitions which may arise in the course of complex corporate transactions such as these.

  1. Restructurings
  2. Management buy-outs and buy-in and
  3. Joint venture, amongst other transactions both private and public

In representing our clients in the area of mergers and acquisitions, we provide the following specialized services such as:

  1. Conduct legal due diligence and risk assessment
  2. Obtain relevant regulatory approvals where required
  3. Advise on bid strategies for partial or full acquisition of assets as well as entities
  4. Transaction structuring and re-structuring
  5. Prepare and advise on such documents as sale and purchase agreement as well as shareholders agreements
  6. Negotiate deals and
  7. Advise on tax as well as employment laws.

Part II.A.4- Banking and Finance

We specialize on the provision of legal services and legal advice on a wide range of banking transactions as well as other related financial issues to our clients. We pride ourselves on the quality of our services which are delivered on time and without delay.

In the area of banking and finance, experience has shown us that legal advisers should add significant value to transactions, thus, Endeavour to do just that with every opportunity given to us.

In addition to the preparation and perfection of securities on behalf of our clients, we provide general corporate banking advice on the following

  1. Project financing
  2. Debt recovery
  • Capital market and securitization structures
  1. Export credit support, private finance initiative
  2. Public/private partnership
  3. Lease structures
  • Tax based leasing and other structures
  • Conveyancing and land matters

Part II.A.5- Telecommunications

It is our delight to keep our clients abreast of recent developments in telecommunications industry in Nigeria with particular reference to its ever-evolving laws and regulations. Thus, we provide comprehensive legal and regulatory advice regarding such areas as international joint ventures, foreign investiment strategies, and interconnectivity matters for both fixed and Mobil telephony.

We also provide the following specialized services:

  • Prepare and advise on equipment and infrastructure agreement including outsourcing agreement as well as joint venture agreement
  • Negotiate and conclude agreement in relation to telecommunications infrastructure and applications
  • Obtain relevant licenses for the oper4ation of international, national and local fixed-link and wireless network and
  • Legal advocacy

Part II.A.6- Oil and Gas

We provide our client with legal advice on all aspects of the oil and gas business from exploration and production, to transportation and downstream issues. We also provide consultation and advisory services in respect of various oil industry agreement and contracts such as:

  • Joint venture agreement
  • Joint operating agreement
  • Drilling and development contracts
  • Production sharing contract
  • Risk services contract
  • Oil and gas allocation related contract and
  • Memoranda of understanding

We also assist clients with the procurement of necessary consents for assignment of leasing as well as license acquisition

Part II.A.7-Maritime

We possess significant experience in dealing wit matters connected with the maritime industry. Thu, we provide legal advisory services in the following areas:

  • Shipping dispute
  • Vessel finance transactions
  • Maritime regulatory issues
  • Preparation and negotiation of shipping contracts such as:
  1. Charter parties
  2. Bill of landing contracts and
  3. Supply vessel agreement
  4. Salvage issues.

PartII.A.8-Commercial litigation

We have represented various reputable companies both as plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of complex commercial litigation matters in the federal and state high court as well as the court of appeal

In the area of commercial litigation, over the years, the following have been peculiar cases that our lawyers have been involved in viz: business torts, securities, dispute regarding corporate governance, going private transactions, and breach of commercial contract. Brief descriptions of some of these areas as follows:

Business torts

We have represented various companies in numerous tort cases including misappropriation of trade secrets, unfair competition as well as fraud actions and we have also acted for numerous companies in a cases involving breach of contract.

In representing our clients on business torts claims, our litigation have been particularly successful in resolving these claims on the basis of motions to dismiss or summary judgments thereby enabling them to avoid the expense and risk of trial.


Securities litigation

We represent companies in securities litigation, including cases alleging, among other things, violations of the companies and allied matters acts, investment and securities act and other relevant laws.

These cases have involved complicated and novel issues regarding the application of securities laws to business transactions. As a result of this experience, our litigators have an intimate knowledge of the procedural and substantive issues that may arise in such litigation, including the provision of the rule and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission pursuant to investments and securities act, 1999.

Corporate Governance and Breach of Fiduciary Duty Litigation

Our litigators have represented a number of clients in cases involving cooperate governance and breach of fiduciary duties, including dispute regarding rights under shareholders agreement. For example, we represent first bank in a suit regarding the enforcement of right under a shareholders agreement.

Corporate litigation counseling

The firm’s litigation group is also involved in corporate litigation counseling frequently providing insight and strategies to avoid litigation as well as legal opinions on complex and technical areas of the law. Our litigators often work with our corporate lawyers to counsel business executives on a variety of current issues and potential concerns.

Part II.A.9-Criminal Litigation

Our litigators have in recent times represented clients on various criminal matters involving fraud and embezzlement.

We possess expertise in the substantive law that applies to trade secrets and particularly, confidentiality agreement. We have also acted for client in connection with tax fraud investigation and defence of tax fraud criminal charges.

Part II.A.10-Civil Litigation

Our lawyers possess expertise in dealing with such issues from which disputes have arisen and formed the basis of civil litigation viz:

  1. Loss of confidential customer database.
  2. Breach of warranties and/or indemnities’
  • Corporate re-organization
  1. Termination of services
  2. Contractual dispute involving breach of contract and
  3. Negligence and misrepresentation.

We also assist our client in the following areas:

  • Expert testimony and
  • Disposition and cross-examination preparation.



We provide specialized services to our clients with respect to real estate and property law. Our real estate finance attorneys represent a wide variety of clients in structuring, negotiating and documenting complex real estate financing involving diverse projects.

We also assist our clients in restructuring troubled real estate loans and coordinate financing transactions involving property. Our real estate practice include land and building acquisitions, development, construction and marketing of properties, government and environmental compliance, leasing, sales, exchange and other disposition of property.